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About Akita Inu


Akita Inu is an old breed coming from the Japanese prefecture of Akita. The history of this race began more than four centuries.

At first he was known as the bravest hunter of bears, then became a samurai and even dog shogun. In other words the nobility and her dog was given a special consideration, wearing gold collars and leashes made ??of silk. This is why he quickly became a symbol of strength, courage and wealth.

This race has gone through difficult times, being crossed with other breeds to satisfy some people, for example, was used as a fighting dog, but passed over this trial and step by step through an extensive purification process has reverted what was once.

In 1931 was declared “Natural Monument of Japan”, so that it came under the protection of the Japanese government.

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This natural beauty is full of vigor and personality. Whether in motion or at rest, Akita dog maintains its noble and stately in a combination of contrasts: elegant and simple, calm and speed, impulsiveness and self-control, finesse and rustic.The structure was robust, strong shoulders, deep chest gives it a sculptural aspect.

The peculiarity of this breed is the pride and elegance. Form oblique triangular eyes, deep and mysterious, ears erect and facing forward, head corresponds to the complex design. Thick and powerful tail, it carried the dog back conferand strength and harmony.

His personality comes from the haughty look, penetrating, sometimes melancholic. There is an expansive threads and is reserved and suspicious of strangers, but affectionate with family. In Japan it is considered as a loyal and protective companion dog that is always present without being intrusive and inappropriate.